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Our goal is to Make Your Work Less Work and to have a positive impact on the way people interact with the Earth. We would love to persuade you to join us, so please consider submitting your email to the link below so we can let you know when we go into production.

From agricultural and industrial applications, to construction or lawn and garden, these tools will disrupt every sector that uses hand tools. These innovative tools can make work easier and faster no matter what you do.

Our advanced design also helps make gardening even more enjoyable which can have profound results. These versatile tools are perfect for urban gardening where storage space is limited because you need less tools. Cultivating fresh food close to home has measurable positive outcomes, both in terms of improved health and reduced carbon emissions from food production and transport.

Working with the land helps strengthen our connection to the natural world which is increasingly eroded by urbanization. These tools can help re-ignite that relationship with the precious planet we all stand on.

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