Revolutionary Multi-Function Hand Tools

TC Tools are the only hand tools on earth with two leading edges joined by a curved transition. This unique patented shape is exclusive to TC Tools and vastly increases versatility and efficiency. Our design represents the first major innovation in hand tools in generations.

Conventional hand tools were typically designed to only do one thing. This meant you would need a completely different tool for each task. Transporting extra tools and swapping them while you work only creates more work. That is a waste of valuable time and energy.

The disruptive design of TC Tools solves this problem. Each tool combines multiple functions into one durable, light weight and balanced professional quality device.

We have specialized designs for virtually any application. If you need to cultivate, rake, hoe, shovel, transport, edge or even excavate, tamp, level and scrape, any of these functions can easily be done using these cutting edge and ground breaking tools.

Completely New Market Segment

This technology based on our intellectual property has created an entirely new market segment = Multi-Function Manual Tools

TC Tools is uniquely positioned to exploit this new market segment for the following reasons:

  • TC Tools is the sole Patent Holder of the innovative underlying technology

  • A vast array of product variations and functional prototypes have already been developed

  • Potential new product designs are almost limitless

  • Target markets are massive and include every sector where hand tools are presently being used

  • Business is readily scalable. Local manufacturers of component parts have already been confirmed. In-house assembly and shipping can be ramped up as needed.

Make Your Work Less Work

Bring fewer tools to work and get more done in less time. Each tool has multiple functions so any job can be substantially more efficient. TC Tools Multi-Function designs can reduce the time it takes to complete a job by up to 40%. You won’t need to carry multiple tools with you, or stop work to swap tools.

Need another tool? Just spin the handle and change direction. This simple design concept maximizes efficiency and minimizes effort. This action is completely intuitive, so these tools actually speed up your workflow and instinctively feel like an extension of your arms and hands.

TC = TriCurv = Tridirectional Curvilinear

  • Tridirectional refers to the unique Push – Pull – Dig functionality of each of these incredibly versatile tools. Curvilinear is the technical definition used for the underlying patented shape.
  • TriCurv describes the 3 dominant “Curve” shapes within each of these tools. There are two opposing curves in the head and another curve in the shaft that connects the head and handle. This shaft curve optimizes the positions of each leading edge.
  • TC is just easier to remember and easier to say. At TC Tools we are all about efficiencies and saving you work.

Our revolutionary design enables one hand tool to easily perform numerous tasks. Simply spin the handle and change the direction of use. You can instantly switch between pushing, pulling or digging, all with the same tool.

You can find us @tricurvtools and tag us with #tricurvtools.

The Evolution of Hand Tools