Popular Prototype Designs

Below are three of the most popular TC Tools Prototypes. They have been extensively tested and widely praised. Each one of these designs was conceived and developed for specific applications, but every one has multiple uses. All of the tools incorporate the proprietary curvilinear shape so they can be used in various directions. They have all been optimized through numerous trial versions, then exhaustively tested under the most rigorous conditions to conclusively establish proof of concept and optimal ease of use.

TC Tools Combination Head Multi Function Rake Spade Edger
TC Tools GradrBlade
TC Tools Cultiv8r

New Market Segment

There are almost limitless variations that could be built on the underlying IP. This shape can be adapted to hand tools for almost any industry or profession. New prototypes are already in development for dental and surgical applications as well as specialized industrial and agricultural uses.

With almost unlimited variations of this basic design concept, this simple yet revolutionary shape could represent an entirely new market segment in the manual hand tool industry.