TC Concrete Tools – Work up to 40% Faster With Fewer Tools

If you work with concrete you know that you have to work fast because once concrete get poured you are racing against the clock. If a tool can help you work up to 40% faster that gives you a huge time advantage. Because of the TC Tools patented design you can now perform multiple functions with one tool. You work faster with fewer tools.

No other Concrete Tools come close to the versatility of these revolutionary TC designs. Each one replaces a minimum of two conventional tools so you require fewer tools on the job site and can switch functions by simply spinning the head and changing direction.

Push – Pull – Transport – Accurately Place – Level and Pre-Screed/Float

TC Tools Compound Head Concrete Mixr not only does a superior job of mixing smaller quantities of concrete, but it’s unique patented shape enables you to transport and accurately place it as well. You can then level and pre-screed/float that concrete using the same tool.

The Chute Scrapr has a precise curve corresponding to the curvature of a conventional concrete truck chute. This lets you easily clean any residual concrete out of the chute while also moving and precisely placing small quantities.

The Larger TC Tools Concrete Spreadr helps you quickly move large amounts of concrete around once poured. You can now Push, Pull, Transport, Place, Level and even Pre-Screed/Float concrete using just one Professional Grade Tool. No more swapping tools mid job, simply spin the head over and keep working. You will finish faster and have less tools to clean when you’re done.

The TC Tools Compound Head lets you easily position concrete exactly where you want it and no other manual concrete tool lets you work this fast.

TC Tools proprietary technology will revolutionize construction industry hand tools.

Concrete Tools in Action