How These Revolutionary Hand Tools Work

The single most innovative aspect of these tools is that they can all be used to optimal effect in various different directions. The larger head tools feature a comfortable, non slip step area on the top curve where the user can comfortably apply additional downward force when digging. These models also have a longer standard handle which serves to extend the reach while in a stationary position.

Tools in Action

The photos below show three variations of the TC design focused on the lawn & garden / landscaping / horticulture market segments. Each tool is shown being used in the three primary moves. Pulling materials like a traditional rake, transporting and also digging or edging. No other single tools can perform all of these tasks this effectively.

Dual rake Pull
Dual Rake Push
Dual Rake Edge dig
Shovel Rake
Rake Shovel Raking
Rake Shovel Digging
Rake Shovel Transport
Cultivator Rake
Cultivator Dig
Cultivator Edge