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Hand Tool Hands

TC Tools Cultiv8r was designed to act like an extension of your arms and hands. We wanted to create a multi function tool that would make life easier for anyone who works in gardens. Check out the demo videos below to see it in action.

Now you can manipulate soil and garden materials with more precision and ease than you have ever imagined possible, without ever needing to bend down. If you work in the garden for extended periods of time this will save your knees and back while also saving you time.

  • Push Pull and Dig with only one tool- TriDirectional Use

  • Grab and Move any debris without ever bending down

  • Easily work around plants and between rows without disturbing delicate roots

  • Perfect for soil preparation at the beginning of the season

  • Comfortably work faster from a standing position – Save Your Back while you Save Your Time

Cultiv8r in Action