Global Gardening Tool

There is a “growing” Locavore – Local Food Movement happening in response to the unsustainable Industrial Mono-Culture Farming systems of modern food production. This shift is occurring one back yard and empty city lot at a time. It quite literally involves getting back to our roots. Growing at least some of the food we consume is a simple but profoundly powerful way to take action on climate change and fight environmental degradation.

Evidence of this Home-Grown shift can be seen in the number of “Pandemic Gardens” that were planted in 2020/21, but there are several reasons for this trend to increase local food production.

  • Food Security Concerns – The 2020 pandemic exposed how vulnerable supply chains actually are
  • Soil Degradation – Mono-culture crop farming depletes soil and increases reliance on chemical fertilizers

  • Climate Concerns – Industrial farming over-consumes fossil fuels by mechanizing food production
  • Water Supply – Ground water pollution and depletion are a serious concerns in areas with intense agricultural activity

  • Food Toxicity – Environmental and health concerns arise over the use of pesticides and herbicides

  • Think Global Eat Local – Transporting fresh food around the world comes at a huge climate cost

  • Reconnect With Nature – Measurable physical and psychological benefits of working the land are supported by 11,500 Years of “field testing”

Home Made Food – Worldwide

The simple solution to all of the above concerns is to produce as much food as possible, as close to home as possible. That’s where the TC Tools GeoTillr can help. This unique multi-function tool is specifically designed to prepare soil for planting. It was engineered to cultivate hard-pan so it’s tough, but works for any soil type and combines several essential tool functions into one easy to use, lifetime durable hand tool.

GeoTillr in Action

Long Range Vision

The Ground Breaking Design featured here can vastly increase agricultural productivity for everyone, including people who’s existence is dependent on successful crop yields to feed their families. Here is how this could make a difference.

This tool is designed specifically for working difficult soil conditions commonly found in developing countries. These are areas where subsistence farming is primarily done using manual hand tools and often by women. The GeoTillr tool incorporates a shovel, cultivator, rake, hoe and serrated edge for cutting roots and weeding. Compared to the primitive implements presently used, this tool could literally be life changing.

A long range vision for GeoTillr by company founder Tim Coutu is to get this specific tool into the hands of vulnerable third world farmers to decrease labor and increase production. Considering the impending climate challenges that many of these countries will be facing in the coming decades, anything that can be done to help should be done.