Unique Features

Two Distinct Leading Edges

TC Tools are comprised of a compound head with two distinct leading edges able to move and work most any kind of earth’s materials.

Push Pull Functions

All TC Tools have both push and pull capabilities in either operating orientation.

Blade "A" Underside Additional Uses

  • Tamp and compress materials by moving the tool up and down vertically.
  • Level and smooth materials by moving the tool back and forth horizontally.

Digging Capabilities Improved Safety

Many TC Tools are designed for digging with an effective stepping-down surface area considerably larger than conventional tools. The results are increased force, maneuverability and productivity – as well as safety and confidence when digging.

Contoured Shape, Continuous Sidewall

Sharp Edges - Advantages
  • Structural integrity and rigidity.
  • Secure materials during transport and removal.
  • Enhanced digging, cutting and chopping capabilities.
  • Rugged, appealing appearance.

Highly Durable Construction

Extremely durable and specifically designed for aggressive professional use. Contractor Tough!

Ergonomic Comfort and Easy to Use

Alternate between the various ergonomic and effective operating positions by simply rotating the handle.

Lie and Customization

Lie and loft customization are possible by varying the shape of the shaft and by adjusting where the shaft attaches to the compound head – similar to golf clubs and hockey sticks for varying heights and arm lengths.

Variable Blade Configurations

Based on the core patents, the compound head and blade edges can vary in shape, height, width, thickness, material, sharpness, and can even be teeth or tines. The result is multiple specialized tools designed for a range of applications.